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Organization First Name Last Name Annual Budget Year
ACDI/VOCA Bill Polidoro $139,540,236 2013
Action Against Hunger USA Andrea Tamburini $48,604,369 2013
ActionAid International USA Marie Clarke $4,063,303 2013
Adeso Fatima Jibrell $4,092,290 2013
Adventist Development and Relief Agency International Jonathan Duffy $46,460,418 2013
Education Development Center David Offensend $185,604,188 2013
All Hands Volunteers Erik Dyson $3,100,938 2014
Alliance for Peacebuilding Melanie Greenberg $514,343 2014
CARE Michelle Nunn $452,514,822 2013
Bread for the World David Beckmann $22,316,634 2013

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