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Yitong Zhang UX · UI designer

I wield design and code to solve hard problems. Previously, I co-founded a company that helped people outsource paperwork.


A universal remote for the smart home

June 2016

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  • UI

case study 1: blah blah

BUNDL is a universal remote control for smart home devices, designed as part of a 6-week school project. Our approach was to make a small app tailored to tech-saturated users, grouping settings and devices together to reduce complexity.

Font Search - WIP

Search Google Fonts by their anatomy

June 2016 - Now

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  • Code

case study 1: blah blah

Font Search lets users filter Google Fonts by their anatomy. Need a list of serif body fonts, but can’t recall any? Filter by serif, high x-height and medium contrast to see all your options. Work still in progress.


Paperwork outsourcing for startups

May 2014 - Nov 2015

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  • HR

case study 1: blah blah

Hemingly was a startup that helped companies outsource paperwork. We built a system that let us dispatch tasks received via Slack to a network of operators across the globe. Results were delivered typically within 24 hours.

Other projects


case study 5: blah blah

I developed the brand and landing page of Crowdgig, a concept-stage recruiting startup.

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case study 6: blah blah

Deli.Run is uber for corner stores. I built a slide deck to help them to pitch store owners.

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