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Yitong builds products that grow. You should hire him!

2014 - 2015

Founder of Hemingly

I started a company to help indie writers manage their marketing. Ended up helping startups outsource paperwork via Slack.

Get customers

  • Automated 🤖 lead generation.
  • Closed 15 B2B deals.

Build products

  • Interviewed 300+ customers and potential customers.
  • Designed the product & UI of our first webapp.
  • Initiated pivot when the first product did not work.
  • Designed and coded basic landing pages.

Recruit & manage a team of contractors

  • Automated contractor recruitment and testing (70+ contractors hired)
  • Delegated 650+ hours of work from customers to contractors

2012 - 2015

Student at McGill

Got my undergrad degree in business. Also spent a lot of time in student clubs.

Bachelor of Commerce

  • Took classes in organizational behaviour, finance, econ, etc.
  • Ran a student leadership club, where I met my cofounder Charlie.

Teaching assistant

  • Graded papers and exams.☕🖋💯
  • Fielded questions during office hours.
  • Very occasionally substituted for the professor.

1993 - now

Projects Portfolio

What I do with my time, explained with pictures!