Hi, I’m Yitong. I shape technology into products that carry us over hurdles large and small so that we can live better, more fulfilled lives—with our friends, at work, and beyond.


San Francisco, CA



I'm currently working at Coinbase and maintaining Goodweb.design. Previously, I worked at O/M Studio.


Grasshopper—code education for everyone

Design and prototyping

Google Area 120

Grasshopper is the code learning app for everyone. Our studio worked with the team for 11 months to design a complete mobile coding environment from the ground up. The project is currently in beta.

Skybound—digital HQ for drone operators

UX Design

Google Area 120

Skybound is building tools for the drone industry. We helped the team design their MVP web product. Then we worked them to paint the vision of future features.

Project Soli—prototyping interactions for radar tech

Video prototyping

Google ATAP

Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. I worked with the team to demonstrate use cases for the chip. My work is super crazy NDA, so here are some public explainer videos.

Goodweb.design—landing page references

Design, code and marketing

Side Project

Goodweb.design curates, tags and sorts well-designed landing pages. Our aim is to help designers, marketers, and product builders of all stripes learn from best web design practices.

Hemingly—a backoffice for every company

Design, code and sales

Startup company

Hemingly was a startup I co-founded to help companies get their paperwork done quickly and cheaply. We built a hiring, training and distribution system to manage a global workforce.