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What's it like to work with Yitong?

1. In depth discussion of your needs

We'll talk about your objectives, your brand, who are customers are, what they want, etc. This gives me the context needed to come up with design that is both functional and aesthetic.

2. Multiple concepts for your evaluation

At this stage, I'll submit a few different visions of what your design could be. They will be rough drafts, but should show you a range of concepts to choose from (or combine!)

3. Refined design of your chosen concept

I'll submit a polished design based on your chosen concept. At this stage, we can work together to figure what works and what doesn't before the submission of the final design.

4. Final design

I'll submit the final design based on your feedback from the previous stage. You'll receive both the final image/website and the source files.

5. Follow-up consultation after 2 weeks

After a few weeks “in the wild”, you’ll undoubtedly discover new things about your design. I'll sit down with you and iron out any minor changes you'd like for free.