About Yitong

Be honest, work very hard, laugh a lot.

I’m a designer interested in helping people work better. In college, I studied how people work together in groups. During that time, I also started a startup that helps companies get their paperwork done faster.

Recently, my interest has shifted from group work to creative work. I’m fascinated by the creative process of designers, movie makers, and comic artists. To put my passion to practice, I’m building a tool that makes working with typography easier for beginners.

At age 23, Yitong is reading: Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art and aspires to design tools that increase productivity and creativity
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College — 50% founder, 30% student, 20% cockroach

In college, I tried to make good on my highschool dreams of becoming a capitalist. I worked on school by day and hacked away on my startup by night.

We lived like cockroaches: sleeping in an unheated basement, working long hours, eating instant noodles. But looking back, I’m grateful for the experience because it taught me to work hard and to use limited resources to solve problems.

At age 20, Yitong is reading: PG Essays and aspires to start a company pictures of Yitong

High school — maybe an artist, maybe a capitalist

Like most immigrant children, I was expected to be a doctor or a lawyer. In my teenage rebellion, I decided instead to throw myself into the world of literature, philosophy and art. I read everything from Ayn Rand to Albert Camus, made art, and debated politics with the theatre kids.

When the time for college came, I decided to follow the footsteps of my literary heroes by becoming a capitalist and an artist. The latter never happened (though not for lack of trying), but I did end up going to business school.

At age 20, Yitong is reading: PG Essays and aspires to start a company pictures of Yitong