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You don’t know me, but I want to live in your house. Crazy, eh?

Who are you?


Human male of 23 years, McGill Grad in business. Previously a startup founder, now a freelance designer.


I like cooking, rock climbing, cycling, hiking & karaoke. I also like talking about movies, games, literature and all forms or media in general.

Purpose in Montreal

I’m in Montreal for a month for some freelance work and physiotherapy.

Why should I want to sublet to you?


I make good food and enjoy sharing. Mainly Chinese and Italian cuisine.


I’m out most days from 9AM-6PM, so I won’t disturb you.


I make decent good conversation about pretty much anything except sports.

Reviews from ex-roommates

Are you going to be trouble?

No noise nor mess

I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t party (at home). I also listen to music exclusively in my headphones.

Always pay rent

I have steady income from freelancing & good savings. Rent won’t be a problem. I’ll even get my folks to co-sign with me if absolutely necessary


Yeah, I’m know as Dylan on Airbnb. Check out more of my reviews here.

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